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Our Functional Medicine Approach

Our Approach

Our functional medicine patients in Cleveland are presenting to us younger and sicker than in any other time in our careers.

Chronic disease, including autoimmune, allergic and childhood neurodevelopment disease (autism spectrum disorders, mood disorders, and attention deficit disorder as examples), is on the rise because our body systems are over-burdened by poor gut health, toxins, and malnutrition.

Our microbiome (100 trillion micro-organisms in our body that work to keep us functional) is being exposed to toxins every day. Toxins interfere with proper immune function, energy production and many other chemical reactions in our bodies. Sources of toxins are often both external (air, food, water, drugs) and internal (stress, leaky gut, dysbiosis, chronic infection). We help identify these and how to modify them in each individual.

Everyone has a “bucket” to collect toxins. Each is a different size and fullness. When the bucket overflows, because of a tiny bucket, increased toxin exposure, or faulty drainage, symptoms and ultimately disease are produced. We will help you increase your bucket size, decrease what you put into the bucket, and widen the drain. Dysfunction and damage caused by toxins is directly related to nutritional status.

When we counsel patients on nutrition and detoxification, having a “teach a person to fish” rather than “give a person a fish” approach has a much longer lasting and gratifying result.

By using the tree as an analogy, we take a holistic view of your organ systems and drill all of the way down to get to root cause – AWESOME!

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