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I cannot thank Dr. Jessica Hutchins enough for basically saving my life after over 15 years of gradually increasing sickness.  What started as mild sinus and digestive issues in my early 20's, grew a little worse each year and became debilitating by my late 30's...I am now back to work full time, feeling like I did in my 20's, and loving life actively with my 2 daughters and wife...All thanks to Dr. Hutchins and the good Lord!"

Ed S.
Rating: 5

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Dan Neides. After years of suffering with terrible acid reflux and inflammation and being on drugs for a decade I must admit I was skeptical when he told me we would not just treat the symptoms, but actually get to the root cause of the problem, correct it, and get me healthy again. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Michael S
Rating: 5

Most of the time, you go to your doctor on a routine basis for the normal annual physical, a nagging cold or flu or other run of the mill issues.  Often they will prescribe some medication and you move on.  That's typical, right? Dan Neides, represents a different type of physician.  I have trusted the care of my family and myself to Dan for close to 20 years because he is different.  He doesn't look to medicine as a default remedy, he looks deeper into the root cause of the issue and then formulates a strategy to overcome the problem....I am 100% a healthier, happier and better person because of Dan Neides.

Drew T.
Rating: 5

After 2 years of suffering with GI issues and using multiple prescription and over-the-counter medicines to no avail, I was introduced to Dr. Jessica Hutchins. She was the first doctor that sat and listened to ALL my symptoms, even those that I didn’t think were related or even mattered...Dr. Hutchins taught me about foods that create a healthy GI environment and the foods to avoid that wreak havoc on the human body. I am so grateful to Dr. Hutchins for giving me the tools to get my health, energy and quality of life back."

Kelley S
Rating: 5

Dr. Jessica Hutchins was my doctor for a period of almost 2 years, and I can't say enough good things about her! She is a top-notch functional medicine doctor, and she combines her extensive medical knowledge and skills with a very patient-centered approach.

Jaya G.
Rating: 5

Dear Dr. Dan Neides,

It has been 30 days into the 90 day plan. My weight is down 10# from 30 days ago and my blood pressure and heart rate have normalized. I am monitoring my sleep and managing to improve quality using an app called sleepcycle. Started daily mindfulness exercises thru app called Headspace - love it!!

Exercise has increased from 30 min 3 days/week to 45 mins 5 days/week. My HR during the same exercises has gone from 128 to 103! Continuing to eat foods that are part of the plan, avoiding foods that cause inflammation, and have gone from salmon as my only protein source to additional sources of grass fed steaks and chicken. Have enjoyed using ghee in my coffee and adding extra virgin olive oil to my salads.

Additionally, I have read the articles you and Jessica publish and have implemented a detox plan with new products for soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, tooth paste, hand lotion, and removed fabric softener sheets and replaced with wool drying balls. I purchased a water system replacing bottled water and installed a chlorine filter for my shower head.

I am feeling great and have more energy then I can remember - feeling 10 years younger! Needless to say I have referred at least 5 people to your practice! I am excited about the progress and look forward to our next visit in 2 months and next steps from there. Thanks for the plan and partnership -

Rating: 5

It was 7am when I opened my eyes on this day of October 1, 2016.  It was also the day I would celebrate my 54th birthday.  As I lay there anticipating the day, I had no idea what was about to happen.  So….let me back tract for a moment and give you a brief description of the days leading up to this glorious moment in time.

In the weeks prior, I had made an appointment with Dr. Dan Neides.  He came highly recommended from a coworker/friend for his caring personality, understanding and a true passion for looking outside the box for underlying causes that are keeping people sick.  I remember so vividly, the day we met.  As I waited for my name to be called, a tall, slender man came to greet me and introduced himself as Dr. Neides!  I thought…WOW!...this is odd!!...the doctor actually coming out to get his patient!!!.  Okay, this is a good thing!  We walked to his office exchanging casual conversation and he even broke the ice with a witty comment which prompted me to say…”Oh! We are gonna get along just fine!”.  I began talking about all of the doctors, medicines and illnesses I had gone through since 2003.  As I rambled on and on about the events of my life, I recall stopping at one point to say, “I’m sorry I am talking so much.”  He genuinely replied with, “don’t be sorry, this is valuable information!”.   I thought, “Hmmm?? No doctor had ever said that to me before!”…Once again, another WOW factor!!.  Nearing the end of our visit and as he was doing a lot of clicking on his computer, he stopped to look directly in my eyes and say, “Do you trust me?”  At that very moment, a few things raced through my thoughts with one I’ll admit to being…”how can this guy even ask me if I trust him?....I don’t even know him!!!”.  But oddly enough, as I looked into his eyes, I not only saw a kind and caring man, but I felt a trust that I had never felt with any other doctor.  With only a moment’s thought, I replied, “I think I do”.  This very moment, was just a prelude of what was yet to come!

We launched our journey with bloodwork…A lot of bloodwork!...19 tubes and well worth it!  This opened the door to reveal the reasons why I had been living in pain, sickness and lack of energy that I had known for so many years.  It took approximately 3 weeks for all the test results to come back and I received a call…Yes! A call from the doctor!!...Imagine that…one more time…WOW!  As we spoke on the phone, I could literally feel the urgency in his voice for me to see him to discuss my results.  That very next day, I returned to his office.  He went through every single test result and explained in detail, how these finding have been affecting my life.  It turns out, I was a MESS!  He handed me a stack of papers, which at the time, was my diet plan.  He told me that day, on September 28th, 2016, that this was probably going to be one of the hardest things I will ever have to do, but PROMISED, if I do this for the next 2 months, he could give me my life back and feeling like a woman of my age should feel by my next visit.  I left his office, with my papers in hand.   I was inspired and so ready to take on this challenge, that I began my journey the moment my foot stepped out of his office door!

So, let’s go back to the beginning of my story.  October 1, 2016, with 3 days under my belt of my challenge.  I got out of bed with excitement and ready to celebrate my birthday.  But, something was incredibly odd…as I got out of bed…I didn’t feel any pain!!  I stood (upright) with ease and no moans and groans.  As I hesitantly approached the stairs, I took my first step…No Pain.  Another…No Pain and with each step I took, I could hardly wait to take another!!  As I reached the bottom of the 16 steps I had just conquered, I literally just stood there in my kitchen in disbelief of what I had just experienced.  I recall looking around the kitchen and thinking, “everything seems so bright and clear!”, I felt awake and rested, as though I had just experienced the most incredible sleep!  I just stood there, trying to figure out what was happening to me.  After a few moments, I snapped out of my bewilderment and raced back up the stairs to the office where my husband sat.  I said, “Look at me!!”, as I swiftly walked back and forth in the room.  “Look!!...Look!! I’m not bent over, I’m able to bend my feet!  I don’t have ANY pain!!!  This is crazy!!...I don’t understand what’s happening to me!!”  This very moment, was the first time in years that I felt NO PAIN and this glorious moment proved to be the first day of the best days to come.

I want to take you back again, 13 years prior.  In 2003 I was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis (Bi Lateral Optic Neuritis) and pumped with high doses of prednisone and ultimately daily doses of Imuran.  While trying to muddle through living with MS, my health and quality of life began to spiral down.  It didn’t  matter what I did or what medications I was taking, new symptoms of ill health continued to surface.  First on the list was large fibroid tumors entwined in my uterus and cervix causing massive pain and continuous bleeding for a full year.  Once  again  I was pumped with medications yet, to conclude  with a hysterectomy.  I had developed cataracts at age 45 due to the side effects of Prednisone, which also led to surgery.  While dealing with the surgeries, there were many things that remained consistant and were as follows:  Constant joint/muscle pain, numbing, tingling, burning throughout my body, constant bloating, weight gain, the inability to lose weight, swelling, hot flashes, severe sweating, brain fog, migraines, lack of energy and extreme fatigue….this list goes on.  But most recent, was developing Malignant Melanoma Cancer which again, led to a somewhat radical surgery.  For 13 years I lived in this cesspool of ill health along with the despair of never knowing if I would ever feel normal again.

The underlying causes of my sickness you might ask?....Gluten and Casein (protein in cow’s milk) Intolerances, Systemic Candida (yeast), elevated numbers in Arsenic, low vitamin D and a mutation of my MTHFR gene (this gene helps our bodies expel  everyday toxins we come in contact with).  Not that much really!...but it sure packed a punch in my body!  My nutritional therapy is simple…No Gluten, No Sugar, No Cow’s Milk , No Processed Foods and a few detox supplements to help eliminate the damage I had done to my body by eating poorly….It’s called Eating Clean and making Better Choices that’s it!!  Little did I know that by consuming these “4” key elements on a daily basis, would prove to be the culprit of my illness.  Eliminating these foods did not give me my life back as Dr. Neides  promised….IT GAVE ME A NEW LIFE!!!

As the weeks turned into months, 12 of those months have quickly gone by with Dr. Neides closely monitoring my successes yet, picking me up when I’ve had moment of defeat and reminding me that we are in this fight “together!”

Today, I am free of Imuran for 3 years now.  I had reached a point in my life where I no longer want to be chained to the pharmaceutical companies and even more, the main stream doctors who just give you a pill and send you on your way.

My results of our course of actions have been a true eye opener.  I have been without episodes and ZERO pain associated with the MS for well over a year.   Even more, most recently, I have decided I don’t have MS anymore because I choose to NOT claim it!!!

Every single symptom of poor health listed above is literally gone and without returning for the past year! I am now 55 years old and have more energy than I have EVER had!  Although, I must warn you…beware of the side effects of eating clean and making better choices.  You will lose that nagging bloat and that extra weight you could never seem to get rid of!!  I feel Alive, Happy, Healthy, free from the Fog I walked in every single day and excited to greet each morning in a world of no pain.  I am a Brand New Person with the same heart I’ve always had, I’m just a smaller, healthier version of ME!

I took this challenge head on with no looking back…this is not a diet, I choose to call it my Nutritional Therapy and have declared it as “The Life I Live-4 Life”.  This past year has been the most unbelievable, symbolic and life altering adventure I have ever had (except for the birth of my children).  If I only had one chance to give a piece of advice, it would be to take charge of your life and your own wellbeing…it’s YOURS!….TAKE THE REIGNS AND BE ACCOUNTABLE!

In conclusion, my heart calls me to give credits to my successes. To: my husband who has remained steadfast in the aid to my wellness and always looking out for me in any given situation.   To:  my children and family for their never ending support and encouragement.  To a friend who cared enough to give me the name of her doctor and to the countless doctors who only did their job yet, unknowingly directed me on the road to wellness.  At long last, Dr. Dan Neides, the genuine man, the committed doctor devoted to me and his patients and who remained faithful to rehabilitate my broken Body, Mind and Spirit.

With a Grateful Heart…I Am Well.

Heidi M.
Rating: 5
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