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Do you accept medical insurance?

At this time, Inspire Wellness does not accept any form of medical insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. However, we will provide you with an itemized superbill with ICD-10 diagnostic codes and CPT codes at the end of your consultation and you may file that with your insurance company and receive partial reimbursement depending on your plan/deductible.

Please note Dr. Hutchins and Dr. Neides are NOT medicare providers.  Their services cannot be submitted to medicare for reimbursement.

While we choose not to work with traditional medical insurers, both flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) can be used for our membership services. Should your wellness initiative include lab tests or prescriptions, these are routinely covered by most insurance plans (although a co-payment may applicable).

For those interested, we have partnered with a financial services provider to offer a credit card option to help offset some of the costs. We are not in the credit business, yet we discovered this option and felt some patients may be interested in its benefits. The MORE® Mastercard, helps make healthcare more affordable with unlimited 2% cash back, and special financing for 6 months on each healthcare purchase over $499.

Fees for individual appointments with Dr. Hutchins or Dr. Neides:

All new patient and follow up appointments are 1 hour – $300

Will I get reimbursed by my insurance for the consultation?

We will provide you with your diagnosis and procedure codes and a receipt so that you may file for reimbursement with your insurance provider if you choose to do so.

We have found that some insurance companies request additional information that is very specific and specialized to that provider. Given the large number of discrepancies between what each company requires and that time needed to meet those requests, we do not assist with insurance reimbursement above and beyond the diagnosis and procedure codes and receipt given at check out.

We will be happy to provide a list of supplements prescribed for HSA reimbursement if requested.

Will my medical insurance pay for lab testing?

The physicians at Inspire Wellness are well aware of the financial burden of health care. Many tests are offered through traditional labs and are routinely covered. Specialized functional testing may be covered partially or fully in some cases. Targeted recommendations for testing are made after careful review of your situation. There is no one size fits all lab ordering.

Can you be my primary care provider?

Dr. Hutchins does occasionally function as the only health care provider for her patients. Dr. Neides serves as a primary care provider for many of his patients. However we do not have an “on call” service nor can we be your admitting physician should you need hospital care. We will assist in coordinating follow up care with the hospitalists who provide inpatient services.

Please note, many of our functional medicine patients do not wish to have a traditional primary care provider, an individual choice that has to be made.

Can I provide outside medial records to Inspire Wellness physicians to review prior to my appointment?

There is additional professional time included in the initial consult fee so the doctor can review the new patient questionnaire and any prior records. It is your responsibility to provide us with any records that you wish the doctor review. Be sure Inspire has received the records at least 3 days prior to your appointment.

Do you see patients on Skype or just in person?

Yes for follow up appointments, but on the first visit it’s best to connect in person and build a legal doctor -patient relationship necessary to write orders, prescriptions, etc.

Do you see children?

Yes! The principles of functional medicine are similar throughout all ages. We especially love partnering with families to bring a child’s body and mind back into balance.  To see a child’s possibilities for living open up once wellness isn’t so far out of reach is amazing!  We have a passion for improving the quality of life of children with neurodevelopment and neurobehavioral symptoms.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please provide us the courtesy of at least 24 hours notice for all cancelled or rescheduled appointments. Any cancellation or change less than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment time will result in a $200 cancellation fee.

Late Appointment

We make every attempt to stay on schedule. If you are late for your appointment by more than 15 minutes we will have to reschedule your appointment and the cancellation fee will still apply.

Individuals who are late more than 3 times will only be allowed to schedule on the same-day. Please call us if you are running late so that we are able to accommodate others who need to be seen.

Are Inspire Wellness physicians available for speaking or training events?

Inspire is committed to education. We love to motivate individual change through corporate wellness as well as through community engagement events.

Do I need to bring my own towels when using the infrared sauna?

We will provide 2 towels for you during the use of your sauna session – one to place at your feet and one to wrap your body.

What age group can use the infrared sauna?

Ages 6 and up can use the sauna. We would recommend no more than 15 minute sessions for children under the age of 10.

Can pregnant patients use the infrared sauna?

No. We do NOT recommend infrared sauna use during pregnancy.

What is the Inspire Wellness Infrared Sauna Fee Schedule?

30 minute session – $30

60 minute session – $60

Packages – 30 minute sessions

20 visits – $500

10 visits – $275

Packages – 60 minute sessions

20 visits – $800

10 visits – $450

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