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Gastrointestinal Disease

Most functional medicine doctors agree that gut health is the foundation of overall wellness.

It has become the norm to expect to feel bloated, cranky, or tired after a meal. PAY ATTENTION – your body is telling you something!

We utilize the 5 R gut health restoration program and customize it to fit your individual needs.

1. Remove- identify foods and bugs that contribute to inflammation in you and remove them

2. Replace – inflammation can decrease your natural enzyme production. Temporary digestive enzyme support can be helpful.

3. Reinoculate – with the beneficial gut bacteria

4. Repair – vitamins, minerals, and fuel sources like glutamine allow for repair of the gut lining

5. Rebalance – we heal while we rest. Proper sleep and learning to spend the majority of your day in a mindful state are necessary

Dan NeidesJessica Hutchins
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