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What is the one thing you truly cannot put a price on? You know the price of that new High Definition TV, dining room table, or bracelet you have had your eye on. But the one thing you cannot put a price on is your (or your family's) HEALTH.

At Inspire Wellness, our goal for each of you is to feel your best and live at your highest quality of life. That is why we have decided to offer you an unprecedented opportunity to work with two highly sought after and experienced doctors whose focus is on DISEASE REVERSAL and PREVENTION.

Combining the knowledge of both doctors, you will have access to these medical professionals in a way that can transform your overall health and life. Dr. Hutchins is one of approximately one hundred doctors in the world who have certifications in women’s health (OBGYN) and Functional Medicine. Dr. Neides has 22 years of experience as a primary care doctor who has specialized in disease reversal - a concept most primary care doctors avoid as a result of the current financial landscape in medicine.

We believe that illness care keeps people stuck in the cycle of poor health. When we focus on optimizing health through disease reversal and prevention, we can help you discontinue the pharmaceuticals (and their side effects) that you may have become dependent on. We can identify root cause with the intention of reversing the chronic symptoms or diseases that now “label” you as a patient.

Taking a proactive approach to your health will greatly impact your life today – and well into your future. At Inspire Wellness, we can provide the guidance you need to achieve a healthy, vibrant, balanced life for you and your family.

SO..... Congratulations on taking the first step with looking into the Inspire Wellness Personalized Membership and for taking the initiative to live your best, most vibrant life. Optimal health is a foundation of living your passion.

Your 6 month membership package includes:

  • 8 full visits, including the 90 minute initial visit with both practitioners. For subsequent visits, members can select the practitioner of his/her choosing
  • 15 infrared sauna visits
  • 10 IV nutrient infusions - an entire protocol to lay the optimal foundation for healing to take place
  • 30% off vitamins and supplements
  • Secure patient portal to send messages to our doctors - we will make every effort to respond within 24 hrs (we do occasionally disconnect on weekends, holidays and vacations and recommend you do the same!!)
  • Facebook community to share and receive ideas, recipes, health tips, trouble shooting advice from Inspire wellness as well as other members
  • Educational articles on our website
  • Inspire Wellness newsletter with useful health info and updates delivered to your email
  • Easy access to the doctors (via Skype, emails and FB chats – your questions always get answered within a timely manner. We’re your partner in this journey)

For a limited number of patients, we are offering these memberships for only $5,000. We strive to provide ample time to devote to our members and therefore will only take on a limited number.

We recognize that your own health may not be your only focus. Getting the entire family on board with our evaluation and treatment will truly help you and your loved ones achieve a higher quality of life.

We are offering a 50% discount on this membership fee to any loved one you want to participate with you on this journey. That is a significant savings for the two of you for a $7,500 investment in your life. That is an entire year’s worth of ACCESS to both of these doctors and their treatment modalities at a very steep discount. Why are we doing this? Because we really do want each and every person to better understand their current medical issues and future risk so you can live the life you desire. This is absolutely achievable for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.

Call now to schedule your 90 minute consultation. This offer is for a small number of motivated patients - so please be proactive. We want to make sure to have plenty of time for everyone's needs so we have to limit the number of members at any given time.

The quality of life and future you deserve starts with a phone call!


Family Discounts

The idea behind offering substantial family discounts is if everyone in the household is on the same path to wellness, real change is seen with less effort and in quicker time. The more people you surround yourself with that support your mission or have a similar mission of their own, the easier your positive changes will occur. If you would like this personalized program for more than one additional family member, please talk to Dr. Hutchins or Dr. Neides.



Although we do not choose to work within the medical insurance system for many obvious reasons, many flexible spending accounts (FSA)/health savings accounts (HSA) can be used for our services. If requested, we will provide a superbill that you can submit to insurance to see if a portion of your visit is reimbursed.  Newer health plans such as Liberty Health Share consider a functional medicine membership a covered service. We are mindful of utilizing insurance benefits when appropriate. Many lab tests and prescriptions are routinely covered by most insurances.

For those interested, we have partnered with a financial services provider to offer a credit card option to help offset some of the costs. We are not in the credit business, yet we discovered this option and felt some patients may be interested in its benefits. The MORE® Mastercard, helps make healthcare more affordable with unlimited 2% cash back, and special financing for 6 months on each healthcare purchase over $499.


Change in Membership Benefits

Inspire Wellness may add/discontinue services and increase/decrease fees at anytime but will provide notice in advance to all members. Don’t worry, our goal is to keep expanding our offerings to meet your needs and desires - along with all of our patients.  If the physical location of Inspire Wellness changes (our plan is to continue to grow!), we will notify all members as soon as possible and your member benefits will continue.



Plan on 90-120 minutes for the initial consult. Please attempt to schedule follow up appointments 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Ideally, please make several in advance! Since our membership program accepts a limited number of patients, there are times built in during many days to provide appointments requested on short notice. For complicated questions/problems, an in-person appointment is preferable, but a scheduled phone visit can be discussed, especially if out of town. For quick questions, please use the patient portal messaging system or email.


Refund Policy

We want to be sure that our partnership is a great fit. Only then will we see the best outcomes for our patients - and why wouldn’t we all want the best results?!  You will have 30 days after your initial consult to cancel your membership (minus the $800 initial consult fee). We would say “no questions asked”, but that would be silly! Of course we want to know why it’s not an ideal partnership - either to improve our process or help guide you to a health partnership that will better suit your needs.

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