Infrared Sauna

Full spectrum infrared wavelengths for weight loss, chronic inflammation and pain, and detoxing a variety of chemicals.

Functional Medicine

Individual consultations using personalized root cause medicine to prevent or reverse disease

IV Nutrition

Bypass absorption issues and flood your cells with essential nutrients.  Give your body a jumpstart to reversing a chronic disease process or use acutely during times of excessive stress, toxicity or illness.

Jessica Hutchins MD

Unique membership based individualized functional medicine care with ample one on one attention to your questions and concerns.


Special attention to women's health, childhood ASD and mental health disorders, and to finding your passion in life!

My Goal

To inspire, educate, and partner with you in the quest for increasing vitality and quality of life. The world needs what our passions can create. Finding and executing YOUR passion is far easier when you have optimal health!

Daniel Neides MD


Inspire wellness can't wait to welcome Dr. Neides after 21 years at the Cleveland Clinic! In January 2018 he will bring all of his functional medicine knowledge to practice FAMILY medicine the way he desires in a much more meaningful and impactful way than he could in a traditional medical system. He will continue to partner with and educate his patients to prevent and modify the course of chronic disease.

My Goal

To help you acheive your greatest quality of life through focusing on 8 categories  - nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, supplementation, detoxification, epigenetic, and most importantly -LOVE

Come see us!

Let us Inspire you to take ownership of your health and your life!

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