Autoimmune Disease

The incidence of autoimmune disease is rapidly rising and symptoms are starting younger and younger. Most of our patients have seen several doctors before a diagnosis is made. Many have had intermittent symptoms for years like fatigue, joint pain, muscle weakness, and brain fog just to be told "everything is normal". The attack on your own cells often starts decades before a diagnosis. The doctors at Inspire Wellness understand the complexity of autoimmunity. Personalized medicine is used to evaluate and treat the root cause of YOUR autoimmunity. Optimizing gut health is often the foundational work. We utilize the 5 R approach for gut healing- Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, Rebalance. We identify both external and internal sources of stress and inflammation. Improving nutritional status is essential to allow your body to heal itself. Faulty detoxification pathways are identified and we suggest ways to optimize these based on what fits into your lifestyle. Most importantly - WE LISTEN TO YOUR STORY!

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